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By our students for the last 12 years

Become a licensed Human & Horse Trainer / Instructor

For everbody who loves to learn and grow as a horse trainer and/or instructor and empower both the people and horses in your life to fulfill their dreams.

Certified institute

A complete course to build your foundation as the personal trainer and cheerleader of your horse.

Become one of the first Certified Human Horse Trainers & Instructors outside the

  • Suitable for all kind of horse lovers who want to learn and grow with their horses
  • Included home study; Online education video's & studybook & work book
  • Live webinars covering theory and Q&As for about 10 hours during the course
  • Submit training videos for your personal growth with your horse
  • Human & Horse Community for support and to connect with eachother
  • International training to become a qualified Human & Horse Trainer and instructor
  • Tailermade program to fit your personal needs and preference. *

Discover the friendly training needed to teach human-horse communication with care, confidence and love. This program is designed for students who live ouside the Netherlands with online support in combination with possibilities to have lessons online or live on our Academy!

A complete course to build your foundation as the personal trainer and cheerleader of your horse.

Become one of the first Certified Human Horse trainers & Instructors outside the Netherlands.

When the Human-Horse connection is made with heart, it leads to a harmonious, fulfilling, and joyful journey with your horse.

As a student and Certified Instructor you are part of the Human & Horse Academy, you'll have the privilege to share your knowledge to your students and grow the philosophy of Human & Horse world wide.

If you want to follow the course with your horse but have no ambition to pursue it professionally, then this course is also suitable for you!

Greetje love to learn more about your DREAM, and we encourage you to reach out personally to her for more details before you enroll. You can email her to schedule a personal phone call.

You can download the brochure for more information.

How do I become a certified trainer & instructor?

You begin with our online home study and study materials, allowing you the time to delve deeply into the philosophy and training methods of Human & Horse. Starting from April 2024, our practical training program begins, which includes a mix of online sessions and various contact points, along with 5 live training days at our Academy in the Netherlands.

Upon completing this practical training, which concludes with a

theoretical examination, a video of teaching ground work and your annual Report* you will be rewarded with a participation certificate. After that you can progress at your own pace towards auditions with your pony or horse.

*We want to give you the opportunity to indicate when you are ready to take your theory exam and submit your report. However, it is expected that you take a minimum of 6 months to grasp the basics. This can also be discussed in consultation with the teachers.

After successfully completing your first audition, which focuses on groundwork, you'll become a certified Human & Horse trainer and instructor. Following this achievement, there are opportunities for further development, including auditions in longeing, working in-hand, riding, and liberty groundwork for those who wish to expand their expertise.

Your basis investment:

€ 1950,- Payment in installments is possible after consultation

This includes: 

- The complete course, including the online home study. If you already possess the study material, you may deduct this amount
- A detailed workbook.
- Over 10 hours of theory divided across various live webinars*. These
will be recorded in case you cannot attend live, allowing you to review them
- The opportunity to submit 4 training videos during your course period

- A participation certificate upon completing this study and the theory exam

- Community to support you during and after the course

We offer a personalized program that fits your learning style and abilities. You can choose to take the course online, or come to our Academy for private lessons with your own horse or ours.

Extra Options:
- If you would like to visit us, we can help you with your travel plans and transportation. You alwayse welcome to stay at our Human & Horse Hotel
- You can book extra traininglessons with your horse (live or virtual) details in brochure

- Submitting audition videos 50,-per video.

What other trainers say...

Hello everyone, my name is Sabine Luttik and I also started the Human & Horse instructor training course from Greetje Arends-Hakvoort 2 years ago. Apart from the wonderful development I have experienced for myself and my horses, you also come into an environment where you feel disconnected from everything that is going on outside the grounds. You are really disconnected from everything and you are in a positive atmosphere, which promotes learning this beautiful, pleasant and sustainable form of training. During our training, Greetje launched her beautiful self-written study book; it was really too beautiful for words. I have recently joined the online platform and I am really blown away by how beautifully it is set up. This again portrays the passion and love for the horse and you are completely absorbed in the pleasant atmosphere. What I also find valuable is that because of the different levels and breeds of the horses that are used, you can also see what you might encounter with your own horse at home and what you can do to sort this out. This platform is a gift for you and your horse!
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Sabine Luttik
Almost 3 years ago my horse Zodiak and I started with our education at the Human & Horse academy. This was the best decision I’ve made for the both of us. We’ve learned so much and really are more connected than ever.
🤓During the classes with Greetje there’s a really positive vibe and she makes you feel comfortable, therefore you and your horse can be at your best.
📙Besides the classes, we also use a studybook which on its own is a piece of art! The book is very pleasant to read which is improved by the fact that there are a lot of helpful pictures in it. I use the book a lot, if I want to study for example some particular things about the education or the physique of my horse.
📱Now there is also the platform which I use. Watching the videos of Greetje with her different kind of horses is very interesting. The videos are a good example of what you and your horse can learn together.
I started by watching some videos about a certain topic and then I take my phone with me while I am training my horse so I can put the theory into practice!
We have finished our study at the academy last year but we are still connected with The Human an Horse Academy by following the masterclasses.
Over the years we have learned so much and we have grown a lot. I know for sure I am a better friend and trainer for my horse and therefore a better trainer for my own students! t deze prachtige dieren te vers
Jet Van Der Greft
If you have the opportunity to take this great course... Do it! ☀️ Both the online platform and the 10-day training with Greetje & Arien & Jolie on location are highly recommended. You can be who you are, your horse can be who he/she is, no judgments, there is no such thing as a mistake. Step by step at your own pace, you get closer and closer and then you feel that overwhelming feeling of connection again and again! Wow 🙏🏼 That feeling gives you so much love and happiness! 🥰🍀 Everyone has their own time that you need. And if you have stopped for a moment for whatever reason? Not a problem at all, because you can always start again where you left off. Greetje is pure and neutral. A beautiful, sweet, attentive and positive woman who takes you and your horse along in her passion and how things can be done differently. 🥰So cool! This training is very clear and, above all, understandable, from which I and my horses have certainly learned so much and are still allowed to do so. It's so nice when the basics are there and you can always fall back on it.
Alise Roubos

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